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Increase your billing. Improve your service.  
No commissions.

Receive orders for delivery, take-away or de  customers at the tables of your restaurant, from your platform. Grow your business WITHOUT PAYING COMMISSIONS.

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Receive delivery and take-away orders with online or offline payment.


Receive customer orders at tables and streamline your operation.


Your own digital menu with QR code included.


Promotions, loyalty and accounts for your customers.


A beautiful menu, complete and intuitive.

Whatever the size of your menu, show it in an incredible way to your customers. Separate by categories, add photos, descriptions, multiple   and much more.   Your menu looks amazing on any device.

An amazing control panel.

You and your employees can receive and manage orders, customize menus, set up shipping zones and other information  in one place, on any device with internet access. 

Opera Instantá
Opera Instantá
Opera Instantá
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Loyalty program: your customers accumulate discount points with each order made.


Many forms of payment: you can charge online with credit or debit cards, Paypal and much more. 


Real orders only:   to order without online payment, customers must verify their account by SMS.


Complete control: accept or reject orders, open and close  the store and/or manage multiple branches.

Sin comisiones y con un costo mensual que pagas con solo 5 pedidos al mes.

We know that you are not a big fan of giving away up to 20% of your monthly billing to other applications.  Therefore, your platform has a fixed monthly cost. No more losing money on each order. 



Tu suscripción también incluye:

- Tu propio dominio .com     - Hospedaje  de primer nivel    - Soporte premium 24/7    - Herramientas de marketing y mailing

Compare costs! 

Calculating 500 average orders $10 USD each, in a month...


Commission on other applications (20%)

-$1000 USD

your own platform

Monthly cost of your platform 

-$49 USD


$951 USD savings

Have questions?

We have answers.

  • How does the subscription work?
    At RUFFi we offer you a permanent web service: you will ALWAYS have a professional available who will constantly improve your site and make the changes and updates you request. That is why our system is different. We do not charge thousands of dollars to create a site for you and then leave you adrift: here, we build a website in a personalized process, sending you the progress of its development so that you can share your comments with us and be able to achieve a final product that fits your brand .Even after your site is up and running, we'll keep working for you. Do you have a new product to add to the store? A change in the site header? Contact us at any time, 24 hours a day, all year round, and we will take care of it for you. Issues? Doubts? You don't know how something works or you want some related advice? The same. We are for you.
  • What payment methods can I use to pay for my subscription?
    You can pay your monthly payment online from wherever you are and safely by registering a Visa/MasterCard or American Express credit/debit card from the payment link that we will send you when you want to start your subscription for the first time. You will be charged automatically every month, and you can when you want to pause/cancel your service or change the payment method on file.
  • I am not satisfied with the service. Can I cancel it?
    Yes. Our subscription is 100% flexible. We will do our best to meet your needs and give you the best service, but if for any reason you are not happy with it, you can unsubscribe whenever you want.Important: when you unsubscribe your site will no longer be published after the end of the last month charged. We will keep your site and data saved in case you want to resume your subscription in the future, but we can also delete everything if you request it. This last action is FINAL.
  • Do they give me an account or panel to manage my site, my orders and other settings?
    Yes, of course! Once you start your subscription you will have exclusive access with your own username and password to all the configurations of your site.Includes: - Quick Control Panel - Orders and billing - Abandoned carts - Product and stock management - Creator of promotional email campaigns - Marketing tools (discount coupons, actionable emails, video maker, SEO tools, etc) - Analytics and reports (traffic, sales, people and more) - Client management (contact and member list, inbox, live chat, automations, form submissions and more) - Finance (transactions, quotes, invoices, financial integrations) - Databases - General options (site language and region, administration roles and permissions, domain and favicon, shipping and payment settings, notifications, automatic emails, custom code, site history, monitoring, etc...) AND MUCH MORE!You can add as many administration users as you like, and configure different permissions for them (eg the customer service manager can only answer the site's inbox, and cannot access financial information, for example).
  • How much do website/online store subscription plans cost?
    Plans for websites are divided into two types: with or without eCommerce function (sell/accept payments online). Institutional site (without eCommerce function) - $40 USD/month Online Store (with eCommerce function) - $60 USD/month
  • How does it work and how much does the network management subscription cost?
    Subscription to network management (community management) gives you complete peace of mind regarding your business's social networks. We will do it all ourselves! We will design and create posts and stories, respond to comments and messages from your customers and maintain interaction 24/7. Many times the social pages of your business are the first impression that your client gets. Let's make it awesome! Plan 2 posts and three weekly stories - 20 USD/week Plan 3 posts and five weekly stories - 30 USD/week Plan 4 posts and seven weekly stories - 40 USD/week
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